Buildings and structures are no mere objects, they are created from the processes, demands, and cultural context of each client. We are able to satisfy this principle at every stage of planning and implementation. We partner with our clients, sharing their ambitions, frustrations, and successes, helping them create a lasting legacy through the built environment.


Our team is the creative engine behind a plethora of commercial property transformations, including luxury dealership fit-outs, complete office renovations, and new franchise builds. From a preliminary discussion with the client, we determine the scope of work, creative direction, timeline and budget, bringing concepts to the drawing board and outlining points of interest.


It is important to consider the physical phenomena that govern optimal solutions for successful construction and operation of a building. Our team is well-versed in building science and understand the complexities of Canadian climate and its impact on aging buildings. The aesthetics of well-maintained building components can establish brands and appreciate property value. We restore building envelopes assemblies, multi-level parking garages, sidewalks, balconies and foundations.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
- Winston Churchill


We simplify the experience of renovating with an emphasis on clear and transparent communication. Our fully-integrated process benefits all parties involved and ensures optimal collaboration. As a result, our clients are well informed to always make the best decisions. We offer a full range of services to fit all styles and budgets. With a focus on sustainability, our spaces are resource-efficient and environmentally responsible. All else considered, we build for long-term value.

  •  Fit-Outs
  •  Build-Outs
  •  New Builds
  •  Renovations
  •  Restorations
  •  Floors, Carpet, Tile Installation
  •  Concrete Repairs
  •  Waterproofing / Dampproofing
  •  Painting & Caulking
  •  Building Surveys & Inspections
  •  Structural Steel Repairs
  •  Veneer Stone Cladding
  •  Chemical & Epoxy Injection Grouting
  •  EIFS
  •  Metal Siding
  •  Masonry Installation
  •  Exterior Wall Architectural
  •  Tuck Pointing
  •  Lintel Replacement
  •  Parapet & Fire Wall Maintenance
  •  Thru-Wall Flashing
  •  Windows, Doors, Joints
  •  Foundation Linings
  •  Balconies, Railings

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